Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Will my child be chosen for the holiday club?
A - We do not ‘choose’ children. All we ask is that you register your child in order to place them in a group of similarly aged children. Depending on demand for spaces, we may require to set up a reserve list, but this will clearly be notified on the website.

Q - How much does it cost?
A - There is no charge for Holiday Club, but any donations are welcomed during the week.

Q - How long does it last?
A - The Holiday Club runs between 9:30am and 12 noon

Q - My child has medical/dietary requirements - who do I tell?
A - There is a space on the registration form for this. If you have already registered and forgot to mention something, or circumstances have changed, then simply email with the new information and your original reference number.

Q - I am not sure yet if my children will be free to attend.
A - Register your children anyway - you can always cancel later on without any problem.

Q - Where does my registration form go?
A - A separate section regarding the data sent on the form can be found here

Q - I have a child who will start P1 after the summer holidays - can they come to holiday club?
A - We regret we cannot take children who have not yet completed their first year of schooling.

Q - Who leads the Holiday Club?
A - All our leaders are drawn from volunteers from the local churches all of whom have PVG checks carried out by their respective churches. Many of our leaders are involved in the education sector.